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Run #420

posted Dec 20, 2015, 4:48 PM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Jan 10, 2018, 6:17 PM ]
When: 03-Jan-2016, start time @ 16:30
Who: Bruised Willy & Tickler
Where:  Kruan Baan Paw (ครัวบ้านพ่อ,  0898365319, FB link here)
What: Green stuff, temples, more green stuff, wooden bridges, brown stuff, dogs, green stuff - a little concrete on the crossings - more green stuff.

COORDINATES: 13.789853, 100.228009
GOOGLE MAPS LINK (New for 2016 !!!): https://goo.gl/maps/rn9teDm8kPL2

A) Free Van From Lumpini Park (Contact KC For Reservations - kmarshment@hotmail.com - Filling Up Fast) 

B) By Car:

1) Take whichever route you prefer onto Boromratchchonnani ("Borom" locally) headed West toward Salaya (signposts for Mahidol & Phuttamonthon). From the center of town, Krung Thon Bridge, Rama VIII Bridge & Phra Pin Klao Bridges all get you to Borom. 

2) Stay on Borom headed west past Salaya and Phuttamonthon. Stay on Borom. Do not exit toward Salaya, Phuttamonthon or Mahidol. Continue straight on Borom. Seriously.

3) About 8km after you pass Mahidol University on your right you will come to the bridge over the Tha Chin River. Continue straight. Zero your odometer in the center of the bridge.

4) Get in the far left lane of the main road and prepare to merge left onto the two-way frontage road. A bit before a PTT station you'll see a merging point marked with a No U-Turn sign. At 900m Merge left (carefully) across oncoming traffic and continue to the PTT station to avoid breaking the law. Turn around.

5) Exit the PTT station headed back East, the direction you came from, and continue all the way to the u-turn under the bridge at the Tha Chin River. As you come out of the u-turn, zero your odometer again.

6) Slow after 500m and at 600m turn right into a small side street with an HHH sign and no official markings. Google Street View here. Zero your odometers again.

7) Proceed on this road. Pass a four-way intersection (carefully) at 750m. You will enter a small town. At 1km slow down and look very carefully on your right for a very, very small street with a very large brown sign on two round brown poles marking the entrance (Google Street View here). The street will be marked with an HHH sign. Turn right into this street at 1.1km. Zero your odometers again.

8) As soon as you turn in, the road bends hard left and then curves slightly right. Follow for 400m and park BEFORE the bridge in the restaurant parking lot on your right with the HHH sign.