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Run #425

posted Feb 23, 2016, 5:57 AM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Jan 10, 2018, 6:17 PM ]
Date: 06-March-2016
Start Time: 4:30pm
Who: Bruised Willy & The Tickler
Where: Aukrow Aupar Restaurant (อู่ข้าว อู่ปลา(link)
Restaurant Contact: K. Ott 0947707958
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/SJNWgZdGpXK2 (ignore "old" location just to the East)
Coordinates: 13.8058097,100.2378201
What: 99.9% Green, Largely Runnable Trail. Excellent food. 100% Different from January S2H3 run and 95% different from October BH3 run. 
If you want a lift to the runsite, contact KC to reserve a seat in the van.  

Google is pretty good these days, but, roughly speaking, do this:
1) From central Bangkok, take your favorite bridge across the Chaophraya onto Borom heading West toward Salaya & Putthamonthon. 
2) As you near Putthamonthon the overhead signs will start to show exits left onto 3310 marked "Putthamonthon Salaya(see here). Follow these signs and exit left.
3) After exiting left you'll see four big signs (see here), one marked "Mahidol University Salaya." Follow that one as it takes you up onto an overpass that curves right and then descends heading North into Salaya proper. DO NOT TAKE THE U-TURN BRIDGE BY ACCIDENT. IF YOU DO, DO NOT BLAME "THE DIRECTIONS."
4) After about 750m you'll pass under a second footbridge. Stay left and, as the road splits, take the left fork toward 4006. You'll see the clock tower ahead. Follow the road left onto 4006  (see here).
5) Zero your odometers as you turn onto 4006 (measurements, exciting!)
6) Proceed straight for 9km on 4006 and begin to slow down and stay to the right. You will see "The Light" mu baan coming up on your left (see here).
7) Just past "The Light", but on the right, you will see a large transmission tower and then a small gravel road next to a factory, marked with HHH sign. The small gravel road on the right looks like you probably shouldn't turn right there. Ignore your instinct and turn right into the small gravel road (see here). It will have a large, simple restaurant sign in addition to the HHH sign.
8) Congratulations, you have arrived!

1) Take train 35 to Salaya, departing Hua Lamphong at 14:45 or Bang Sue (Newer Terminal) at 15:09. 
2) Upon arrival at Salaya Railway Station, exit South past the market and walk to the large road (4006). Cross over and hail a taxi heading West and follow the instructions above from 4006. 

1) Alright, listen mate. Grab a couple tinnies of Chang and head to Bang Bamru. When you get there, tell the Railway Police to piss off and keep drinking. 
2) Hop the big train 35 West to Salaya around half past three and hop off Salaya. Head South out of the station and grab a few more Changs at the lady on the left who don't fuckin' sell off hours the cunt.
3) Cross the big road, grab a taxi cause we're fuckin' knackered, mate, and do what it says up there.
4) Take the booze bus back to Non, it's basically a Contiki Tour.