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Run #426

posted Mar 9, 2016, 3:04 AM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Jan 10, 2018, 6:18 PM ]
Date: 20-March-2016
Start Time: 4:30pm
Who: Cannonball
Where: Baan Maii Chaii Klong Restaurant Bang Kuay Sai Noi Road Soi 16

Directions. First Print out and take directions to Lumpini - there is no van; you will have to share taxis. The GM will not be at Lumpini as he is co hare. Lumpini Departure time is 3:00 PM.

Go north on the second stage expressway towards Chaeng Wattana and exit left onto Ratchadapisek Road.

Go straight across at the first set of traffic lights.

After the lights get in one of the right lanes to go over the flyover at the next intersection. The flyover takes you past a clock tower, and the road is now called Wong Sawang Road.

After another kilometer or so cross the Chao Phraya river on the Rama 7 Bridge. Keep in the left lane on the bridge, and as soon as you are on the other side of the river filter left.

Follow the road round in a large left-hand loop, going underneath the bridge you have just crossed. After almost completing the loop there is a broad road on the right leading to EGAT. Do not take this, but fifty metres further on turn right into Route 3215, under an Oral-B sign.

While avoiding all the motorcycles zero your odometer.

Follow this winding road and at about 2.7km the road turns to the right (the high tension power lines will be running parallel to the road).

Go another 50 metres and turn right into Bang Kruai Sai Noi Soi 16.

After about 200 metres turn right, and follow the road around to the restaurant - Baan Maii Chaii Klong.

Location Map http://www.bangkokmondayhhh.com/Directions/BangKruaySaiNoiSoi16Map.gif