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Run #481

posted May 14, 2018, 7:23 AM by Michael Sanders   [ updated May 17, 2018, 5:12 AM ]

Hare: Tinker
Date: 27-May-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Run-Site:  Old municipal offices in Old Bang Yai
Coordinates: 13°51'05.8"N 100°25'26.8"E

By MRT and Taxi
Get off the Purple Line at the Bang Plu Station, take exit 3, hail a taxi, and tell the driver to go to Old Bang Yai (Bang Yai gao).
He’ll turn left and drive south about 3 klicks down the Bang Kruay – Sai Noi Road, past Wat Suan Gaew on your left, and turn right at the mini-traffic circle (translation for people from old Y “roundabout”). Go straight 1.5 klicks (past the Morgan restaurant) and tell the driver to go up and over the high bridge (sapan sung) over the canal, and turn left immediately after that, through the gate into the gummint parking lot (“car park”).  If the gate is closed, keep going, circle left around the gummint complex, and left again into a driveway, and that’s another way in to the parking lot.

By Car:
If you're driving yourself, remember how to get to the "old Y-junction",Cross the Rama 5 Bridge.
After about 5.5km do not go over the flyover but filter left for the Ratchapreuk Road roundabout.
Turn right so you are heading north on Ratchapreuk Road.
After just over 1km, just before a road bridge, bear left onto the Bang Kruay-Sai Noi Road.
Proceed through the market area and after 1.5km at the Y junction keep left.
Drive on this road for about 2km until you reach the steep steel bridge over the klong at Bang Yai and turn left immediately after that, through the gate into the gummint parking lot (“car park”).  If the gate is closed, keep going, circle left around the gummint complex, and left again into a driveway, and that’s another way in to the parking lot.

By Boat:
Alternatively, take a river taxi north to the Nonthaburi Pier (orange flag boat 15 Baht is the cheapest). Upon disembarking, turn right and get on the five Baht cross-river ferry to Bang Si Meuang and hop on the cheap (and very slow) clapped out blue bus to Old Bang Yai. It’ll park just before the high bridge. Walk over the bridge a couple hundred metres to the ancient gummint complex.

Want to share a taxi to the run-site?
Taxi linkup at 2:15pm at Starbucks in Exchange Tower.
Call KC at 0899701988 or kmarshment@gmail.com if coming there.

Run #480

posted Apr 22, 2018, 5:35 PM by Michael Sanders   [ updated May 7, 2018, 3:36 AM ]

Hare: Lady Boy
Date: 13-May-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Run-Site: Piyawan Resort, Bang Sai, Ayuthaya.
Google: https://goo.gl/maps/58TZA34ZFpv

Run Directions:
- Take the second stage expressway north past Chaeng Wattana to the very last exit called “Western Bangkok Outer Ring Road”.
- At the toll gate zero your odometer, follow the sign to “Bang Sai” and turn left.
- At 3.1 km turn left again into highway 3309. At 4.6 km.
- Turn right into the entrance (three tall salas) of Piyawan Garden House.
- Follow the track all the way to the river, turn left and park near the restaurant. 

Want to share a taxi to the runsite ?
Taxi Linkup is at Saphan Kwai BTS Exit 3.
Let Sheep Shagger, Terry, know if you are coming on 093-018-9396

Run #479

posted Apr 11, 2018, 9:36 PM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Apr 22, 2018, 5:33 PM ]

Hare: Noriega
Date: 22-April-2018
Early Start Time: 16:00
Where: Northeastern Isan Restaurant, 901 Rama III Road
Coordinates: 13.6734225 °N, 100.540779 °E

 - From Rama 4 Road, turn into Rama 3 Road.
 - From Sukhumvit Road, take Ratchadapisek Road towards Klong Toei, passing Benjakiti Park and the Queen Sirikit NCC; keep right onto the flyover which takes you over Rama 4 Road and into Rama 3 Road.
 - From Sathorn/Silom, take Narathiwat Rajanagarinda Road to Rama 3 Road, and turn right into Rama 3.
Head south on Rama 3 Road.
 - For all: If you are driving, you have to go another one or two kilometers past Soi 34 to make a U-turn under the flyover just before the Sathu Pradit intersection, then come back to the restaurant just after Soi 47.
The restaurant has a large carpark.

If you are taking a taxi, tell the driver to drop you at Rama III Soi 34 (a.k.a. Soi Wat Dan).  Walk across the overhead pedestrian footbridge to the other side of Rama III Road, and the restaurant is right there.
Want to share a taxi to the runsite?
Taxi link up at 2.45pm – Exchange Tower Starbucks 1st floor adjacent Asok BTS and Sukhumvit MRT
Call, text or email KC if coming AND BRING DIRECTIONS.
Call: 0899701988 or email: kmarshment@gmail.com

Run #478

posted Mar 26, 2018, 2:31 AM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Mar 26, 2018, 2:58 AM ]

Hare in Absentia: Knockout Neptune
Co-Hare: Max Factor 
Date: 08-April-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Where: Rom Klao Area – Restaurant NOVO Catering (ครัวโนโว ร่มเกล้า)


By Car
- Take the Bangkok–Chonburi Motorway towards Suvarnabhumi airport.
- Just before the airport, exit left to Rom Klao Road 
- Follow signs to Rom Klao and at the traffic lights filter onto Rom Klao Road north towards Minburi.
- Travel along Rom Klao Road for approx. 3km towards new road intersection. 
- Follow  the road left directly after Soi 38 and continue staying on the left for a further 150m and turn left into restaurant parking and run start. 

Look out for hash signs

By Airport Rail Link 
- Train to Lat Krabang Station 
- Exit station and take taxi along Rom Klao Road north and follow directions noted above

Run #477

posted Mar 17, 2018, 10:02 PM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Mar 18, 2018, 9:35 AM ]

Hares: Tamborine Man
Date: 25-Mar-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Where: Nittaya Gai Yang Restaurant, Soi 53 Nawamin Road 
GPS Coords: 13.7852°N 100.6476°


By Car/Taxi: 

Take Rama 9 Eastwards (at ground level or via expressway- If the latter, take Srinakarindra exit)

On approaching Srinakarindra Road take left turn slip road towards Srinakarindra Northbound. Zero Odometer on hitting Srinakarindra Road. (Hwy 3344) towards Bang Kapi.  

Proceed straight via traffic light junction at 0.9km.

At second traffic light junction (2.1km) get into the middle or right lane. Immediately after second traffic lights you will pass over Khlong San Saeb and reach a 3rd traffic light junction at 2.4km. Turn right (signposted Buang Kum and Minburi).

After only 300m turn left at the 4th Traffic light junction (signposted Kaset-Nawamin).

You are now on Nawamin Road (Hwy 3202). Continue straight and at 4.4 km pass through traffic light junction No 5 (Happy Land to the left).

As you approach traffic light junction No 6 (Soi 51 on the left) at 4.9km, get into the left lane and proceed straight on. After the traffic light junction you will cross a Khlong Bridge and immediately at the end of the bridge at 5.1km turn sharp left into Soi 53 and the NIttaya Gai Yang restaurant (Big coloured concrete chicken at the entrance) is on your right. Park in the restaurant car parking spaces at front, side and back.

Please note that although it is only 5.1 km from Rama 9/Srinakarindra junction to the restaurant, allow at least 30 minutes for this due to the frequent traffic lights, roadworks and thousands of car-bound Sunday shoppers visiting the Mall and Tesco Lotus at Bang Kapi.

Alternative route for those who prefer to travel faster (but further) or who miss the Srinakarindra turn-off from Rama 9.

Take the Rama 9 expressway east. 
Cross over Sri Nakarin Road and continue onto the Chonburi motorway. Zero your odometer as you pass the big mosque on your right. 
At 6 km exit left towards Bang Pa In (Route 9 Road). 
At 8.7 km pay 30 baht toll. 
At 10 km take left lane, look for sign for road 3278 towards Seri Thai. 
At 13 km exit left on to Thanon Seri Thai going towards Bang Kapi. 
At 16.9 km you come to the NIDA intersection. Turn right onto Sri Burapha Road and drive 1.5 km to the traffic light. 
Turn right and immediately after the khlong bridge turn left at Soi 53 Nawamin Road. 
Park at the Nittaya Kai Yang Restaurant.

By Public Transport

Take Bus Number 96 from BTS Morchit (Northbound) or MRT Lad Prao (Eastbound) towards MInburi. Route 96 follows Lad Prao Road as far as Bangkapi, and then turns left into Nawamin Road, northbound passing the Restaurant at Naaman Soy 53.

Want to share a Taxi to the runsite ...

Taxi linkup at Starbucks Exchange Tower near ASOK BTS. We depart at 2PM Sharp. MRT to Petchaburi, boat to Bang Kapi, then Taxi to run site. Let me know if coming. Kmarshment@gmail.com 0899701988

Run #476

posted Feb 27, 2018, 2:42 AM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Mar 17, 2018, 10:01 PM ]

Hares: Pussy Virus
Cohare: Sniff & Snoop
Date: 11-Mar-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Location: Pong Din Dam Reservoir, Khao Kheo
Google Maps: goo.gl/maps/qLQYNc5xe6Q2

We have just learned that the authorities have closed the highway exit at Khao Khiao Open Zoo. It does not appear that Google Maps has adjusted to this change, so we have a new set of mis-directions:

Revised Directions to the Runsite

Take the elevated expressway out of Bangkok in the direction of Chonburi (Highway 3). Keep going straight until the end of the elevated expressway. Zero the odometer as you return to ground level.

At around 3.0 km, exit left onto the Chonburi bypass road (Highway 361). Keep going straight. At around 8.0 km, there is an exit for Phanat Nikhom, but you will ignore it, and continue straight over the bridge. At around 12.0 km, there is an exit for Ban Bueng, but you will ignore it, and continue straight over the bridge. At around 14.5 km, the road splits, and you will go on the right in direction Pattaya (not left in direction Bang Saen).

At around 17.5 km, you will see the new toll station 500 meters or so ahead of you where the your road merges with the motorway (Highway 7). DO NOT go to the toll station that brings you onto the motorway, but instead go to the left of it. Immediately after the toll station, the road splits again, and this time you need to be on the right hand side heading for Pattaya. The bridge drops you onto the the support road for the motorway. You are now heading south in the direction of Pattaya next to the motorway.

At around 20.5 km, there is an exit, but you will continue straight. At around 26.0 km, you will see a bridge and an exit on the left, but you will continue straight. At around 29.0 km, you will see a bridge up ahead, and this is where you exit left towardsKhao Khiao Open Zoo and Khao Khiao Country Club. Zero odometer again.

Keep going straight for about 1.8 km until you get to a four-way intersection. Go straight following signs for Khao Kheo Country Club (do not turn left towards Khao Kheo Open Zoo). At around 3.7 km, follow the main road, which veers to the right (do not take the exit on the left towards Khao Kheo Country Club). Follow this road to odometer reading 5.4 km and park by the scenic reservoir overlooking the green hills. 

Run #475

posted Feb 11, 2018, 7:58 AM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Feb 27, 2018, 2:41 AM ]

Hares: Major Horn Blower &  Rhode Island Red
Date: 25-Feb-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Location: Wat Kalong Bang Bo
GPS coordinates: 13.619802N 100.865560E
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/2AvKJFfdwh92


Come and experience what the hares believe to be virgin territory for the Sunday Hash, out in Watkalong in Bang Bo. We will take the down downs if proved wrong. Enjoy a run through the countryside with virtually no concrete on the route and have a beer stop with the hares at the Stallion Bar. Confused?? We hope so, come to the run and experience something a little different..

Miss Directions

- Take the BangNa - Chon Buri expressway and leave at exit 26 to BANG SAOTHONG – BANG BO.
- Stay on the frontage road pass the Royal Place sign/tower to the left turn to WATKALONG, immediately before the klong bridge. Exit will be marked with HHH sign.
- Continue for approx. 5k to a right turn over the klong. Turn is marked TDEM and will have a HHH sign.
- Pass the temple on the left to T junction turn right. Will be marked HHH.
- Travel approx. 1 km and  Hash start is on the left. Will be marked HHH.

(Note from webmaster: it is also possible to go via Highway 7, but you need to exit this highway quite early ... see map below, and derive you own directions)

No organized Taxi link up – since Boob-a-Lube is still being cared for by his misses. If anyone wants to volunteer… check the website for latest update. Simplest route would be BTS to Bang Na station and taxi from there. Follow the directions above.

Run #474

posted Jan 28, 2018, 7:16 AM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Feb 11, 2018, 7:57 AM ]

Hares: Whoremonger
Date: 11-Feb-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Location: Toong Ngen (Money Bag) Restaurant, Nonthaburi 
Google Map Linkhttps://goo.gl/maps/2UTvzyJnDwB2


Take 2nd Stage Expressway heading north 
Pass Baht10 toll and Muang Thong Thani 
Exit at 2-13, signed to Si-Saman 
Zero odometer at toll – keep left immediately after toll – turning left onto Prachacheun-Parkkred Road 
Pass big Robinsons on right 
At 2.0km – keep right and cross over pass 
At 3.0km enter steel bridge over Chao Phraya 
At 5.8km – Traffic lights – go straight (signed Suphan Buri) onto 345 
At 11.0km keep left and take U turn under 345 (HHH sign) – keep left as you exit U turn. 
At 11.4km – turn left into Wat Tha Kwian Road (HHH sign) 
Pass Merc Dealership (on right) at 12.1km 
At 13.2km – park at Restaurant Toong Ngen “Money Bag”.
The restaurant name is in Thai only -  ร้านถุงเงิน

Run #473

posted Jan 14, 2018, 6:51 PM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Jan 21, 2018, 6:47 PM ]

Cannonball’s Siam Hash Farewell Run 

Cannonball & Roger Me 
Date: 28-Jan-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Run site: IMTHIP Mahachai Seafood Restaurant 
                 อิ่มทิพย์ มหาชัยซีฟู้ด สาขา 2 กัลปพฤกษ์
Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/LHTv9jqSvcr

Please join Cannonball’s epic farewell run Sunday in a mostly green area on 80% virgin trails. This run is very easy to get to via BTS and a short 50 THB taxi ride from Wutthakat station so get your butts out for a great day of hashing.

Take the BTS to Wutthakat station. Get off and walk in the direction the trains has come (exit #2) to find a taxi. 

Once you get a taxi and ask them to go straight ahead in the direction of heading out of town (stay in frontage road as far to the left as possible). Go 3km and with a Makro on your left, look across the road you will see a big restaurant parking lot with a funky lighthouse. That is your destination. You will need to go another roughly 1km and make a U-turn to come back to the restaurant. If driving, enter the restaurant parking lot and drive around to the left side of the restaurant and we will be parked in the back. 

Want to share a taxi to the run-site?
Meet up at Wutthakat BTS Exit 2 at 3:00pm.
Tell KC if you are meeting up for taxi. Kmarshment@gmail.com 0899701988

Lost: ??
Call restaurant (for English ask for American owner Ishmael)
02-455 3365-6

Run #472

posted Jan 10, 2018, 5:58 PM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Jan 11, 2018, 1:31 AM ]

Hares: AnySex Dot Com
Date: 14-Jan-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Run sitePrawet, Sukhapiban 2, Baan Rim Nam Restaurant (ประเวศ, ถนนสุขาภิบาล 2, บ้านริมนำ) 
Location: N13.696570 E100.703770 Location map 

 By Airport Rail Link
Take the train to Ban Thap Chang. 
After you get to ground level walk 100m heading out of town, and then turn left to the frontage road of the Chonburi motorway. 
Flag down a taxi heading out of town, and ask the driver to take you to Sukhapiban 2 Soi 17 (ถนนสุขาภิบาล 2 ซอย 17) near Casa Grand housing estate. If he doesn't know the way let him go and wait for another taxi. 

Take the train to Prakanong and leave the station by Exit 3. 
Get a taxi heading out of town, and after 1km turn left into Soi Onnut (ซอยอ่อนนุช). 
When the meter is reading 6km you will cross Sri Nakarin Road. 
When the meter is reading 12.5km go past the Prawet junction (ประเวศ) heading towards Ladkrabang. 
Soon after the junction at the traffic lights turn right onto Sukhapiban 2 (ถนนสุขาภิบาล 2). If you pass Sirindhorn Hospital, you have gone past Sukhapiban 2, u-turn and try again. 
Follow this road for about 3km to the run site. 

 By Car/Taxi
Take the motorway out of Bangkok heading towards Suvanabhumi Airport. 
Bear left onto Kanchanapisek (Outer Ring) Road at the Bang Pa-In, Bang Na intersection and keep right following the signs for Bang Na. You will enter the ramp that loops around to head towards the Bang Na Trad Highway. 
Zero your odometer as you pass under Kanchanapisek Road. 
Enter Kanchanapisek Road heading towards Bang Na at 0.6km. Keep to the left as you will be exiting at the first junction. 
At 1.7km leave Kanchanapisek at the Onnut-Ladkrabang Junction. 
Keep in the right lane as you will be turning right at the T junction at the end of the ramp. 
At 2.4km turn right onto Sukhapiban 2 Road (ถนนสุขาภิบาล 2). 
Follow this road until you pass Soi 17 on the left and just before the Casa Grand housing estate on your right. 
At 5km look for the Hash sign on the right by the restaurant - Baan Rim Nam (in Thai). Park on the side of the road without obstructing entrances to buildings. 

Want to share a Taxi to the runsite ?
Meet up point is at BTS On Nut station at Exit-1 at 2:30pm.
Tell KC IF YOU ARE GOING. 0899701988 kmarshment@gmail.com
We depart 2:30 sharp !

The A-site is
on the gravel slope next to the Casa Grand housing estate.

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