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Run #476

posted Feb 27, 2018, 2:42 AM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Jul 15, 2020, 10:23 PM ]
Hares: Pussy Virus
Cohare: Sniff & Snoop
Date: 11-Mar-2018
Start Time: 16:30
Location: Pong Din Dam Reservoir, Khao Kheo
Google Maps: goo.gl/maps/qLQYNc5xe6Q2

We have just learned that the authorities have closed the highway exit at Khao Khiao Open Zoo. It does not appear that Google Maps has adjusted to this change, so we have a new set of mis-directions:

Revised Directions to the Runsite

Take the elevated expressway out of Bangkok in the direction of Chonburi (Highway 3). Keep going straight until the end of the elevated expressway. Zero the odometer as you return to ground level.

At around 3.0 km, exit left onto the Chonburi bypass road (Highway 361). Keep going straight. At around 8.0 km, there is an exit for Phanat Nikhom, but you will ignore it, and continue straight over the bridge. At around 12.0 km, there is an exit for Ban Bueng, but you will ignore it, and continue straight over the bridge. At around 14.5 km, the road splits, and you will go on the right in direction Pattaya (not left in direction Bang Saen).

At around 17.5 km, you will see the new toll station 500 meters or so ahead of you where the your road merges with the motorway (Highway 7). DO NOT go to the toll station that brings you onto the motorway, but instead go to the left of it. Immediately after the toll station, the road splits again, and this time you need to be on the right hand side heading for Pattaya. The bridge drops you onto the the support road for the motorway. You are now heading south in the direction of Pattaya next to the motorway.

At around 20.5 km, there is an exit, but you will continue straight. At around 26.0 km, you will see a bridge and an exit on the left, but you will continue straight. At around 29.0 km, you will see a bridge up ahead, and this is where you exit left towardsKhao Khiao Open Zoo and Khao Khiao Country Club. Zero odometer again.

Keep going straight for about 1.8 km until you get to a four-way intersection. Go straight following signs for Khao Kheo Country Club (do not turn left towards Khao Kheo Open Zoo). At around 3.7 km, follow the main road, which veers to the right (do not take the exit on the left towards Khao Kheo Country Club). Follow this road to odometer reading 5.4 km and park by the scenic reservoir overlooking the green hills.