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Run #470, 10-Dec-2017

posted Feb 8, 2018, 8:31 PM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Feb 8, 2018, 8:44 PM ]
Well it was interesting night for the ex-gm run. The incoming GM, Selfie Queen, decided to start the night off with a bad joke and a sincere check for new shoes. So beware hashers of upgrading your footwear on this hash. LCBS set an odd Siam Sunday trail. All asphalt. What was she thinking? The circle consensus said that it was a good run, though this was based mostly on the beer stop. Who wouldn't want that? The run took us past Benjasiri park and over the first of many staircases. Our FRB's Bambi and Agent Orange decided that breaking (and marking checks) was highly overrated. I think they just wanted to give the rest of the hash the opportunity to look around for the trail. Eventually, we made it to the rare and coveted beer stop, it was amazing! Beer seemed to pour from the heavens if you were one of the lucky ones to get their early and know to get your own beer from the fridge (sorry Sheepshagger, Auntie's Bitch, etc). The rest of the run took us over the Lumpini-Benjasiri connection bridge and through LCBS's nightly haunts (no judgement).Circle went well. Knockout Neptune started off the singing with "The hairs of her dicky di-do..." This would have been a great song had it not been virgins in the middle. The memory issues were not limited to Knockout however. Our illustrious GM seems to be a bit foggy about his new management including his amazing new scribe (**cough**Cum Already**cough cough**). Shaggy stepped in to help him with the usual charges. Sweety's inevitable speech was even kept to a tolerable amount. Tasty Tail's late arrival was not missed on Snakebite who thoroughly charged her for her stupidity in going to tomorrow's run start instead of todays'. Hot Pot managed to bring some fresh meat (two middle aged sex tourists) to the hash and one was even dumb enough to join! Thanks to Late Cumming Ball Slapper (ahem, Tickler) we had some lovely new shirts. Though a few of our number were too stylish to wear them (Hot Pot, Sheepshagger, and Auntie's Bitch to name a few). The on-on-on was quite the trek. A whole 100 meters which included a set of stairs. The meal was delicious and the beer was plentiful. Good cheer was had by all in this holiday season. Boob-a-lube tried in vain to count the number of people eating but it took him several tries as his vision isn't what it used to be. Happy Holidays to everyone!