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Run #474, 11-Feb-2018

posted Feb 20, 2018, 6:56 AM by Michael Sanders   [ updated Feb 20, 2018, 6:57 AM ]
Hares: Whoremonger, Healing Hands & Kellie

Preceding the run, a circle was called for final run instructions and at that time I was delegated as the scribe. I must point out, that this is not the Thai democratic way….I had no way to negotiate….normally an envelope can change hands and the write-up would pass to another.

The “On On”was called and the pack ventured out along a road and then turned into the scrub. First obstacle, was what we call a “KC non event”, which consisted of a narrow concrete pole across a Klong, which slowed the pack. Then we encountered, some clever checks and a few dodgy bridges, causing the pack to split into two groups – the racehorses and the others.

It was great to be running out in a country area and soaking in the fresh air. Following bush trails and a klong paths, we eventually zigzagged back through rice paddy fields to the “On In” marking and then a short stint along the road to the restaurant car-park.

Walter Cuntrite (have I got that name right?) started late and passed the scribe, about a third of the way into the run, eventually finishing at the head of the pack. According to the GM, he broke some obscure rule, about over-taking after the “On In” marking….I had never heard of that one before! I thought there were no rules, except Rule 1 & Rule 2…which makes all rules irrelevant!

By missing a loop, I managed a 5.5km run and the front runners recorded distances around the 6.5 to to 8km, depending on their checking.

Attendance: 20 Harriers & 10 Harriets
The usual entertaining circle, which included, a virgin, “Henno”, from I know not where, but I know it was a “Shithole” and newboot, “Watches Tit”
Returners: Lecherous, Healing Hands and AnySex.com.
Departing Hashers Turd Burglar & Lecherous

The On On was the fun part:

We sat drinking beer and wine for half an hour, as “Whoremonger” had arranged a Thai speaking friend, to telephone through the booking and naturally enough, the restaurant proprietors were expecting Thai customers! When it was explained to the management that the group of motley farangs, were in fact their Thai customers, the food promptly arrived at the tables.

Now just try and imagine what happens when you get a couple of engineers in a room and they decide to change the seating arrangements….. kaos!

Special thanks to the very kind generosity of the hares, who not only set a great run, but paid for the On On!