Historical Hareline

We're trying to make a list of all S2H3 hares and co-hares from inception. The list is in fairly good shape for the past 6 or 7 years, then partial information all the way back to Run #1 in 1998.

If you have any historical lists of the old S2H3 hare-lines, please send to me at msanders59@gmail.com. Any info, even if only for a single run, will be useful.

Also, please review the data below from the past 7 years. If you have any information (or corrections) on individual run data, such as hare, co-hare and location that you were involved with, please send to me at msanders59@gmail.com and I will update the list. In particular, the co-hare information is one item that is quite sparse.

2016 Hareline

2015 Hareline

2014 Hareline

2013 Hareline

2012 Hareline

2011 Hareline

2010 Hareline