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  • Run #531
    Hare: Ladyboy
    Cohare: Krinkle
    Date: 27-Sept-2020
    Time: 16:30 (4:30 pm sharp)

    Run site: Look for the Sign, Ko Koet, Bang Pa-in District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 

    Restaurant: Rauen Sai Nam - Ko Koet, Bang Pa-in District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

    By BTS and Taxi.
    Some opportunities here but need to be creative and brave. Purple line (Nothaburi Civic Centre) might be an option. River boat connection another one. BTS (Kasetsart University) another option. Will most certainly involve a taxi for the last bit. See instructions below.

    By Car/Taxi
    1. Take the second stage expressway north and go all the way to the end. Pay toll.
    2. After the toll, keep right and follow Bang-Pa-In. (Route 9) 

    3. Cross the bridge and you will now join route number 9.
    Stay left and after less than 1km, prepare to follow left (Route 347). 

    4. Once you have joined 347, follow for about 4 km, till you reach the AND cross the River (Chao Priya River). Stay left, so you can make a U-turn. 

    5. Make a U-Turn, and after about 100m turn right onto the 3011.
    6. Continue on the 3011 for less than 1 km, till you see the HHH sign.
    7. Look forward to some fresh un-hashed trails.!

    Call Hare: Hope for the best… 08 6090 0145. 

    If you feel the need to set a run or have the incredible urge to offer your services as a hare, don’t hesitate to give our hare a shout:

    Posted Sep 22, 2020, 7:13 PM by Michael Sanders
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S2H3 Hareline

The Committee

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 Joint Master  Aunties Bitch
 Joint Master  Roger Me
 RA  Pussy Virus
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 Hash Piss Coord  Tom Yum Kung
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2020 Xmas Party  TYK, PP, HL
 Head Recruiter  Idomitable Pussy

About us

S2H3 is a family friendly hash and ideal for those who are unable to hash on a weekday or Saturday. Trails are normally within a one hour ride from central Bangkok. As much as possible, trails are set in nature, though not always easy in our sprawling metropolis. Trails tend to be about one hour for front runners and 90 minutes for walkers. Terrain varies, sometimes you will get very dirty and wet (especially during rainy season May-October), though there typically isn't much elevation change on S2H3 trails.

After the circle, the OnOnOn is usually at a local restaurant and well attended. The cost of the meal is about 250 baht, including drinks. Hashers are encouraged to bring a change of clothes and towel to clean up after run.

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