Siam Sunday Hash House Harriers

Mekong Indochina Hash at Chiang Mai.      15 - 17 November 2019 (next year) 
Registrations are being kept open for Hashers in Thailand and the regions first. We know it is a year away but please register RIGHT NOW as it is likely to be full by the end of this month.

Annual General Piss Up
Friday, 7 December 2018, 6:30 pm
Ariston Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 24
Ground Floor Ballroom

Next Run Directions

  • Run #492
    Hare: Roger Me
    Co-hare: Aunties Bitch
    Date: Sunday, 11-Nov-2018
    Start Time: 16:30
    Where: Near Phutta Monthon, west out of Bangkok

    Google Maps Link:

    This Sunday's Run is in an all new mostly green area very close to Phutta Monthon on Sai 3 Road hared by yours truly and Auntie's Bitch.

    Please find your favorite way to the overhead elevated Borommaratchachonnani road (e,g, Rama VIII Bridge) and continue on the elevated road until it drops down to street level.

    Get in the left hand frontage road and go about 1.7 kilometers until you get to Phutta Monthon Sai 3 Road.

    Take a left turn onto this road and travel for 1 kilometer past the four lanes leading directly to the Phutta Monthon main entrance and go another 1 km heading south over the first khlong bridge.

    The starting restaurant will be just over this bridge on your right but you need to go down about 400 to 500 meters and do a U-turn.

    Stay to the left and into the parking lot just before the khlong bridge.

    Shared taxi linkup ?
    There will be not be an organized shared taxi linkup given the location. However, K.C. has room for three people first come first served. Notify him by Saturday if you want a ride. Meet LAKE AVE CONDO Sukhumvit 16 at 1:30 PM Sunday. Contact at 0899701988 or

    Posted Nov 7, 2018, 11:37 PM by Michael Sanders
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S2H3 Hareline

The Committee

 Grand Master  Selfie Queen
 Joint Master  Doggy Style
 Joint Master  LCBS
 RA  Auntie Climax
 On Sec  Doggy Style
 Trail Master  Roger Me
 Hash Cash  Boob-a-lube
 Hash Flash  Lady Boy
 HF Ass  Red Hot Lips
 Haber Dash  Max Factor
 Hash Piss Coord  Whip Me Houston
Hash Piss Coord 2  Patpom
 Hash Web  Snakebite
2018 Xmas Party  Kitty Hot Lips
 Head Recruiter  Indomitable Pussy

About us

S2H3 is a family friendly hash and ideal for those who are unable to hash on a weekday or Saturday. Trails are normally within a one hour ride from central Bangkok. As much as possible, trails are set in nature, though not always easy in our sprawling metropolis. Trails tend to be about one hour for front runners and 90 minutes for walkers. Terrain varies, sometimes you will get very dirty and wet (especially during rainy season May-October), though there typically isn't much elevation change on S2H3 trails.

After the circle, the OnOnOn is usually at a local restaurant and well attended. The cost of the meal is about 250 baht, including drinks. Hashers are encouraged to bring a change of clothes and towel to clean up after run.

A previous committee from a few years ago.