Visitors & Info

Anyone wanting to join us and doesn't have transport or doesn't know how to get to the run-site, and can meet-up at the assigned meeting point, and share a taxi ride. Normally, we'll leave from the assigned meeting point in Bangkok at 3:00pm (sharp). 

Bring a copy of the run directions with you.

All hashers are welcome and although the places where we normally hash may look hard to reach we have made it simple for you.

S2H3 is a family friendly hash and ideal for those who are unable to hash on a weekday or on a Saturday. We hash on the first and third Sunday of the month.

Runs start at 4:30 pm.

Cost is 250 baht for Harriers drinking beer and 120 baht for non-drinkers (members). The fee for visitors is 300 baht for drinkers and 170 baht for non-drinkers. Fees cover post-run nibbles and water, soda and beer.

Visitors wishing to become members pay a 200 baht one-time fee. In addition to the cheaper run fees, members receive the twice-monthly, award-winning SSH3 Hash Trash by email.

After the circle, the OnOnOn is usually at a local restaurant and well attended.